Why on-demand housing better suits a digital nomad’s lifestyle

In our experience, most rental communities in Houston mainly offer bare-bones, unfurnished units with long-term lease requirements. At best, a newcomer to America’s fourth-largest city will find short-term leases around 8-months long, but this duration isn’t the norm. Usually, we see apartment leases of 12 months or longer in the Greater Houston area, depending on the type of community it is.

But today, modern Houstonians’ lifestyles don’t fit neatly into 12-month blocks and 9-to-5 workdays.

Here, you can accomplish anything if you work hard enough, stay focused on your career ambitions, and then – put in more work and more work until you’ve built the life you’ve always wanted. In Houston, anyone can rise, launch a lucrative career, and Be Someone, as the city’s unofficial mural-inspired motto says.

Add the harrowing hustle and bustle of metropolitan life to the 21st-century tech boom, and you get a perfect environment for a new type of remote worker to thrive – the digital nomad.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to work from home or anywhere that’s comfortable and quiet enough to focus. While the pandemic certainly accelerated the trend, the shift towards nomadic lifestyles has been a long time coming.

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a brief snapshot of how digital nomads in Houston live, work, and how they’re able to stay mobile with flexible housing options.

The digital nomad experience in Houston

In a major U.S. city like Houston, it helps to have an idea of what to expect when you first come to town.

For many, what’s most striking about Houston – aside from its sheer size – is the diversity of the people and the variety of communities in tucked-away hamlets like Rice Village, Montrose, and The Heights. But for an affordable, walkable neighborhood in the nation’s 4th largest city, it’s hard to beat bustling Midtown with its mix of restaurants, nightlife and theaters. And that’s precisely the vibe that attracts digital nomads to Houston.

The terrible irony of the digital nomad’s lifestyle is that it’s a hassle to find a good place to lay your head at a reasonable price. Digital nomads tell us that they like their old apartments back home, but they feel like they’re paying too much for how long they actually want to use the property. According to one guest, “I’d prefer flexible housing over my current situation where I’m tied to my lease for the next ten months or so when I don’t really need to be at this point in my career.”

Top benefits of booking on-demand housing for long-term stays

Usually, the renter’s experience is pretty minimal in Houston. In our experience, many often develop a case of renter’s remorse after the community they thought were joining turns out to be something else entirely.

So how does that happen in a major U.S. city?

Overall, the rental community leasing process in Texas goes like this: renters sign paper leasing documents in an office setting, handshakes, and smiles go around, you get the keys – and that’s the end of it.

You only get an unfurnished, empty apartment with no utilities and no internet connection. Then you have to set up the entire living space on your own, which can take several days even if you have help from friends and family.

Still, the Houstonian renter’s adventure isn’t over yet! Shopping for, buying, and assembling furniture comes next, followed by dealing with movers, boxes and taking the time to make your new home feel like it’s yours.

It’s time-consuming; it’s a hassle, and that’s the bottom line.

But on-demand housing solves all of those problems, and here’s how.

Say goodbye to lease agreements

When you book a stay with Lodgeur, you’re choosing on-demand housing instead of along-term lease.

With our online platform, you choose the dates that meet your needs without having to book weeks or months in advance.

And while most places require 30 days notice when you’re ready to move, Lodgeur requires just a 14 days notice.

So there’s no need to get yourself locked into a 12-month lease (or a day of setting of setting up utilities and internet) when you have more flexible housing accommodations with Lodgeur.

Embracing turnkey living means less work for you

Our on-demand housing options include fully furnished apartments that are spotless when you get the keys. Our staff makes the bed, stocks the kitchen with the proper utensils, and even sets up utilities on your behalf.

Another curious fact about Houston’s rental market is not many places offer bundled utilities. Typically, an apartment locator will recommend certain providers but not always. Many renters have to go out and find electricity and water services.

But we offer turnkey residences and handle all of the details behind the scenes, so you can step into your new place happily and breathe a sigh of relief when everything is already in order.

Soften environmental impact

Without a doubt, sustainable living goes hand-in-hand with a digital nomad’s lifestyle.

Like the hunters and gatherers of ancient times, a true digital nomad has learned to reduce the environmental impact of their lives to the bare minimum.

For instance, many weathered nomads don’t own cars, choosing to use ride-share services or public transportation to get around the city’s most congested areas.

Today, so much of our lives have become service-driven, from online shopping on Amazon to digital streaming subscriptions and hotel booking apps. Why can’t modern housing offer the same convenience as those on-demand services? Certainly, nothing is holding back the seismic shifts in the way we live and work in Houston.

Rather than spend the time collecting housewares and possessions you don’t plan on keeping, you can choose fully furnished apartments with no lease commitments and pre-connected utilities.

Simply put, on-demand housing ultimately becomes something in between the privacy of an apartment community and the service of a hotel.

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