How to find travel nurse housing in Houston, TX

Travel nurses love working in Houston! A combination of trendy food, fantastic nightlife, and culture helps make Houston attractive to a diverse group of people, including medical professionals. The city ranks as one of the top ten hottest dream cities in the USA for travel nurses for all the reasons listed above, and then some. 

How to find travel nurse housing in Houston, TX
Houston has lots of travel nurse jobs and plenty to do in your spare time!

The availability of on-demand housing also contributes to the popularity of living and working in Houston on a travel assignment. When a nurse can find suitable accommodation quickly and move in with minimum fuss, it’s a win!

Before booking an expensive stay at a hotel or Airbnb (something many nurses do), take a minute and explore the option of professionally furnished apartments and on-demand housing.

Things for travel nurses to consider

When making housing arrangements, many travel nurses end up booking an extended-stay hotel. Some find temporary accommodations through the online vacation rental marketplace. While we don’t recommend it for safety reasons, some nurses search Craigslist for an apartment or co-living situation.

Each option has pros and cons, but the cons likely outweigh the positives associated with most temporary housing options.

Hotels, even the better extended-stay units, come with a high price tag. The living space is usually small, and may not even include a kitchen, but the rent is far from negligible. Frankly, kitchens in most of these properties consist of a microwave, small refrigerator, and maybe a cooktop. Dishes and cookware tend to be minimal or non-existent.

Online booking sites like Airbnb offer a seemingly endless array of choices, but there’s a disappointing level of quality control.  Craigslist and other similar sites can open up a Pandora’s Box of potential issues. Misleading information, intrusive landlords, and rental scams top the list.

Flexible furnished housing offers a better solution to the hunt for temporary living accommodations!

Houston, TX is a popular destination for travel nurses.

What is on-demand housing?

We live in a world where we want what we want, and we want it now. With the click of a mouse, we can order dinner, a ride, or a date!

After the short-term rental trend gained mainstream acceptance, another trend began to emerge:  on-demand housing, and it’s ideal for traveling nurses working in Houston.

The difference between an extended stay hotel, corporate housing, and housing on-demand is in the details. On-demand housing offers:

Benefits of on-demand housing for travel nurses

Choosing flexible furnished housing offers multiple advantages to individuals looking for healthcare traveler housing in Houston. Most nurses begin their search by filtering for accommodation near their travel assignment or in an area with a lively, walkable neighborhood.

In the Houston area, the monthly cost to rent an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment ranges from $1,200 to $1,800, not including utilities. That’s for a long-term rental for 12-months! Short-term leases tend to be much higher. Adding furnished to the description will only further increase the cost.

With on-demand housing, the monthly rental price typically includes everything — high-quality accommodations, modern furnishings, utilities (including high-speed WiFi), and resort-style amenities, like well-appointed gyms and sparkling pools.

Don’t forget about the convenience factor. Whether searching for travel nurse housing near the Texas Medical Center, or another of the Houston-area’s hospitals, be sure to consider the time needed to get to your hospital and whether your hospital has parking available on site. Some hospitals have no parking available for nurses, who then need to park in a remote lot and take a shuttle bus to the hospital. If you can take the METRORail to the Texas Medical Center instead, you can save time and money by not needing to drive to TMC. Lodgeur has on-demand housing available for travel nurses only 5 stops away from TMC on the MetroRail, directly next to the Ensemble/HCC stop. With covered parking available to guests, travel nurses can bring a car for personal use and take the MetroRail to TMC for quick access to their hospitals.

These are only a few reasons travel nurses prefer on-demand housing solutions with fully furnished apartments. The travel nurses we host often share that they are looking for housing that allows them to reduce their commute time while making the most of their personal time.

Houston’s METRORail provides convenient transportation from Downtown to the Texas Medical Center via Midtown and the Museum District.

What should all furnished apartments include?

When evaluating whether a furnished apartment is the one, there’s nothing wrong with having high expectations. Travel nurses tell us that this is their wish list for a great temporary home:

Why Lodgeur is great for travel nurse accommodations

Beyond price and location, travel nurses look for a wide range of benefits when choosing housing. What often gets overlooked is a stress-free move and a great first day on a new assignment. Lodgeur is an excellent solution for travel nurse housing because we take care of the details:

We go above and beyond to ensure our furnished apartments are not only at the right price and in the right location but include the extras that healthcare professionals appreciate. For example, our newly constructed units keep outside noise, well, outside where it belongs so that a person can sleep peacefully. Polished concrete flooring instead of carpet cuts down on dirt and allergens.

Put it all together, and Lodgeur is a great solution for travel nurse housing.

Rentals for travel nurses in Houston, TX by Lodgeur at Mid Main Lofts in Midtown.

Book your stay today

Our travel nurses deserve a comfortable, safe, move-in-ready option for housing. Booking a furnished apartment in Houston with Lodgeur offers all of that and more.

We make it easy to find nurse rentals and book with nothing more than a click. After all, this is on-demand housing. Welcome home!

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