Survive Your Home Renovation or Relocation: Where to Stay in Houston

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From home renovations to relocating and anything in between, life can be unpredictable. One minute, your home is your haven; the next, it’s an obstacle course of dust and noise. Or even worse, it’s uninhabitable due to flooding or other unforeseen circumstances.

Managing all the design ideas, repair estimates and renovation projects starts to feel like a second job. You’re spending your nights and weekends chasing contractors for all sorts of reasons.

For professionals relocating to Houston, you’re busy settling into a new company culture and learning your way around a new city. Looking for the home of your dreams becomes a project with a tight deadline.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, you may need to find somewhere else to stay for a while. And that’s where Lodgeur comes in, with professionally-designed, stylish and comfortable furnished apartments in the heart of the city.

About Lodgeur’s on-demand homes

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Lodgeur offers flexible and furnished short-term rentals in Houston, so you can stay for as long as you need without the worry of committing to a lengthy lease, or dealing with the extra fees associated with booking sites.

With Lodgeur’s dozens of serviced apartments based centrally in Houston, you can be certain to find just the right one for yourself and your family. Unlike Airbnb-style bookings which require a strict end date with other potential reservations blocking any extension of stay, our furnished apartments provide the convenience and assurance that comes with extended stays, without uncertainties.

We understand that you may need temporary housing for an unknown amount of time due to home renovations, relocating to Houston, or even insurance-related issues. That’s why we strive to make your experience seamless, by not requiring a fixed term and allowing you to extend your stay in our Houston serviced apartments as needed.

Why Choose Lodgeur when you’re in between homes?

At Lodgeur, our furnished apartments are designed for short or extended stays of over 30 nights. If you book an extended stay you can easily ask us to block the calendar so you can keep extending. Stays of 30+ nights also won’t incur local taxes (17%), making it more cost-effective than shorter rentals.

Plus, when you book directly with us, you don’t have to pay fees associated with booking sites. No need to worry about those extra costs that come with simply trying to find a place to stay for the interim. 

Since you’re already busy dealing with your next home, Lodgeur includes cleaning services every 2 weeks on extended stays of 30+ nights.

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Our furnished short-term rentals in Houston are perfect for anyone who needs a temporary relocation:

●      Home renovations that might take weeks or months. Repairing and restoring a building is noisy, messy work. Many renovating homeowners find it difficult to plan the new design, work from home and manage a family with workers traipsing through your space all day. It be easier to relocate the family a bit farther from the base of the renovation operation.

●      Professionals who have relocated to Houston for their jobs typically don’t know how long it will take to find their next home, or when it will be available. Plans change. You can wait for the right home in the location you want.

●      Homeowners whose homes have been damaged and are having repairs done, or are otherwise unable to return home until their home is safe, functional and restored. (Check to see if your insurance company will cover the cost of your stay while your house is being renovated.)

●      Families selling a home who want to stay in a different location while the property is being marketed for sale. No need to panic clean your main living spaces or crate the dog every time a showing is booked. Some guests plan to stay with Lodgeur when there is a gap between selling the old house and closing on the new house.

We’re here to make sure you’re taken care of whatever your reasons for needing a furnished home. That’s why we offer flexible, temporary housing for any amount of time. Rest easy knowing you have a comfortable place to stay while your “real” home is being taken care of.

Make Lodgeur your home away from home

As we said, plans change and timeline evolve. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel unsettled just because you have relocated.

At Lodgeur, we make sure you can stay exactly where and for however long you need—so you can relax and focus on the things that really matter. Our Houston serviced apartments are furnished, turnkey, and conveniently located, allowing you to feel at home without the need to commit to a long term lease or to move out ahead of an arbitrary deadline to make room for the next guest.

Let Lodgeur provide you with a beautiful, comfortable home until your new place is ready. We’ll be here for you every step of the way when you relocate to Houston or renovate your house.

The process couldn’t be easier. Book your furnished apartment online now, and relocate to Lodgeur today.

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