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Move people, not furniture

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Lodgeur’s founder was quoted in the New York Times, in an article about the circular economy and fast furniture: “‘Fast Furniture’ Is Cheap. And Americans Are Throwing It in the Trash.” Here, we elaborate on why renting furnished apartments reduces environmental waste.

The shift from bulky DVD collections to a focus on digital assets and experiences

As Gen Z and millennials come of age, they are increasingly valuing experiences over things. This shift in consumer behavior is driven by a desire to reduce their environmental impact, embrace minimalism, and prioritize meaningful experiences. These generations want more than just furnished apartments for an extended stay; they want to make sure their money goes toward something that will leave lasting memories. To achieve this goal, many have embraced the concept of circular economy–extending the lifecycle of products and materials to reduce waste and conserve energy. By investing in experiences rather than things, Gen Zers and millennials are helping pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Gen Z and millennials are pioneering a new way of living that puts experiences over possessions. In comparison to previous generations, Gen Zers and millennials buy less stuff. They have Netflix accounts instead of DVD collections. They prefer digital assets and experiences to portable property.

Shift to flexible, furnished apartments

By embracing the concept of circular economy–extending the lifecycle of products and materials to reduce waste and conserve energy–Gen Zers and millennials are helping pave the way for a more sustainable future.

This shift in consumer behavior is further evidenced by the increasing demand for furnished apartments and extended stays. It’s easier on your wallet, back and environment to move people instead of furniture into your next home.

Moving into a fully furnished apartment has numerous advantages over dragging furniture to an empty unit. This blog discusses the big ones.

Convenience is the ultimate luxury

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Furnished apartments provide an effortless solution for those who are moving, as they can move in and begin living immediately. The bed is made and the wifi is ready. This is especially beneficial for individuals who may not have the time or funds to acquire and arrange their own furniture when relocating to a new city.

Moving into a furnished apartment can be an incredibly convenient process for those who are relocating. Not only does it save them the hassle of bringing their furniture along, but also the time and money it takes to purchase new pieces.

Furnished apartments come with everything necessary to establish a comfortable and home-like atmosphere, such as fully furnished kitchens complete with housewares, like cookware and dishes, vacuums, bed and bath linens, and much more. All utilities are already set up, helping to save the hassle of setting appointments, signing contracts or paying deposits.

Flexible extended stays – because life is unpredictable

Furnished apartments can be an ideal choice for those in the process of transitioning – such as students, interns and business travelers. These people may not want to purchase furniture for a temporary residence, making furnished apartments the go-to answer that provides them with the flexibility they need.Furnished apartments can be a great option for those who are experiencing change in their lives, such as students, interns and business travelers. In these cases, furnished apartments provide the flexibility individuals need without having to worry about purchasing furniture for what could be a temporary residence.

Renting furnished apartments can also give the freedom to relocate quickly and easily, without being tied down to furniture. This allows for a much more mobile lifestyle and opens up many opportunities – from extended stay to temporary residencies or even just a place to call home during a transition period.

Having the ability to terminate your booking on short notice, allows you to stay as long as you like while you look for your “forever home”. We block the booking calendar so you can extend your booking. And if you find that forever home or your work assignment ends sooner than expected, you can terminate that extended stay on 14 days’ notice.

Renting furnished apartments is more cost-effective for extended stays

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Lodgeur’s Digital Nomad Suites are ready for WFH and conference calls.

If you’re looking for an apartment with fewer long-term commitments, opting for a furnished one can be much more budget-friendly than renting an empty space and then buying all the furniture. Moving into a furnished apartment can be an incredibly convenient and cost-effective solution for extended stays or long-term leases. Not only will you save on upfront costs of purchasing items for your home, but furnished apartments also provide savings down the line by eliminating ongoing costs such as installation fees, delivery charges, and storage fees.

Space-optimizing design

Furnished apartments are the ideal choice for those seeking a space-saving solution, as they come fitted with furniture specifically tailored to fit their dimensions. Moving in furniture from elsewhere can take up more room and prove expensive compared to furnished dwellings that already have it all!

The environmental benefits of joining the circular economy

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By using furnished apartments, you can also take part in a circular economy; this means that the furniture is reused with each new booking. This way, people benefit from furnished apartment rentals while reducing the need for new furniture production and reducing transportation waste.

Together, we’re promoting the reduction of resources consumed and waste produced. It also helps reduce our collective carbon footprint in the long run. So if you’re looking for an extended stay or relocating to a new city, consider furnished apartments for a smart and sustainable solution. Move people, not furniture!

Professional styling vs. mismatched design

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Professionally furnished apartments offer all the comforts of home, with an aesthetic charm and particular design that many people lack the time or money to achieve on their own. Instead of working around a few existing pieces of furniture picked over the years, a professionally designed apartment means everything was selected to coordinate together. Not only are these places invitingly cozy, but they provide a sense of ease knowing you don’t have to worry about designing your living space from scratch.

Choose a furnished apartment for your next home

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Lodgeur at Mid Main Lofts.

In summary, furnished apartments are a convenient and cost-effective solution for people who are moving, offering flexibility, turn-key solution, space-saving, and professional styling. It can be a great option for people in transition, such as students, interns, business travelers or people relocating to a new city.

By choosing furnished apartments, you can make your move easier – with less stress, more convenience and a cost-saving approach. So don’t worry about hauling furniture from one place to the other; just book a furnished apartment and get moving!

On-demand housing: an easier and greener alternative to moving

You finally unpack the last box in your new place and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the dreaded move has come to an end– for now anyway. But what about next time?

The U.S. Census Bureau says the average person will relocate 11.7 times in their lifetime. In reality, you’ll most likely move again within the next 5 years.

If the thought of moving 11.7 times in your lifetime sounds overwhelming, just think about all the time and money you’ll spend every time you relocate (and this doesn’t even take into consideration all the pre-planning involved with your move):

  1. Packing up your lifeAfter figuring out where you’re going to live, which can take anywhere from a few days to several months, it’s time to start thinking about what you are and aren’t willing to part with. Give yourself at least a month to go through everything and donate or sell whatever doesn’t make the cut.When you’re ready to start packing, expect to spend:
    • 12-16 hours to pack a studio or one-bedroom apartment
    • 25-30 hours to pack a two-bedroom house or apartment
    If you don’t have enough local friends ready to pack up your home in exchange for free pizza, and you don’t have time to get it done yourself, you can hire a full-service moving company to do it for you. Costs vary but start around $2,300 (steep, but packing for strangers is even less fun than packing up your own home). Just keep in mind it may take several days or weeks to complete your move, so you may end up sleeping on the floor for a few nights.
  2. Ensuring access to power and the internetOf all the tedious parts of moving, dealing with utilities is most people’s least favorite part of the process. You’ll spend some time ensuring your electric, water and internet services are disconnected after you leave, so you aren’t paying for services you don’t use.Even more fun, you get to research the utility services offered in your area and kill an afternoon trying to connect them in your name at your new home. There may also be delays in having them connected, depending on where you are moving. Expect to spend plenty of time on hold and front some security deposits.
  3. Moving all of your worldly goodsIf you can’t bribe your friends with some free pizza to help you load the truck, hiring a moving company will be your next best option. On average, they charge around $25-60 per mover, per hour for local moves.So if you need movers to transport a 1 or 2-bedroom house worth of items a few miles away, you’re probably going to spend at least $900. And those guys will still expect a tip after they knock your IKEA Billy bookcase into the wall.But if you have a long distance move, expect to pay anywhere from $2,000-10,000+. (So consider whether it makes sense to post all of your mismatched furniture to Facebook Marketplace and just start fresh in your new home.)
  4. Now it’s time to unpack

You finally made the move, but let’s be honest– you’re nowhere near done because you still have to unpack what looks like a gigantic storage unit. More than once, you will question your decision to spend time and money moving some of your things.

In the middle of unpacking, you’ll probably realize some of your items didn’t survive the move. So in addition to all the money you’ve already spent, now you’re wondering what needs to be replaced. And you’re wondering where the bedding, towels and soap were packed because it was a long, sweaty move and you’re ready to crash.

You’re looking at a shocking pile of boxes and packing materials, wondering if it was worth the cardboard and bubble wrap to move used furniture and chipped dishes.

Fast forward a couple of months… hopefully your new place is all in order. But then again, most people still have some unpacked boxes at this point. The unhung pictures. You’ll get around to them eventually…right?

An estimated 900 million cardboard boxes, 30 million rolls of tape and 90 million pounds of packing paper end up in landfills every year.

5. Do I really need to go through moving?

There is an easier way to relocate, that benefits both you and the planet.

With Lodgeur’s long-term, on-demand housing, you’ll never have to worry about furnishing or cleaning your place again. Whether you’re staying in a studio, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom, our interior-designed apartments are move-in ready the moment you get the keys.

When you pick up the keys, you just swan in like it’s a hotel room. The bed is made. The kitchen is organized. The towels and toiletries are in the bathroom. The utilities and wifi are already connected. Walk in with your luggage and you are moved in.

On top of that, you can expect:

  • Convenience and flexibility. A digital, fully transparent booking process, with no need for a long-term lease agreement. Only book the dates you want – without worrying about whether it fits neatly into weeklong or monthly boxes.
  • Turnkey living. All utilities, including the internet, are set up and ready to go when you walk in the door.
  • Stylish, professional design. There is a happy medium between matchy-matchy, institutional hotel furniture, and the usual mishmash of furniture, decor, and personal items found in the listings of amateur Airbnb hosts.
Lodgeur Bedroom and Living Room
Living Room
Kitchen knifes
Living Room

So rather than stressing over where the couch goes, or calling around to find the best wifi provider, you can instead focus on checking out all the features your stylish and comfy place has to offer.

Best of all, you can avoid buying packing supplies, brand new furniture and other household items, which will help to significantly eliminate waste and emissions. In the U.S. alone, Americans generated 12.1 million tons of furniture waste in 2018, and 80.1% of it ended up in the landfill. Not to mention, these numbers don’t take into consideration items like carpets and rugs (2.5 million tons of which Americans also threw away.)

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