Our Story

Hotels are frustrating. The rooms are small, expensive and soulless.

There is a more spacious alternative. You can book through Airbnb or VRBO. You'll stay in someone else's property, and save 50% a night. But 90% of Americans don’t do this. Why? Because they don’t trust what they’re going to get in an Airbnb.

I’ve heard so many horror stories from friends about:

  • Stays cancelled at the last minute by the host;

  • Being unable to get into the property;

  • Finding the place dirty; or

  • Weird hosts who make you feel uncomfortable!

But what if you want the convenience and space of staying in a whole apartment? Do you know which listing to trust for your family? There are 250,000 hosts on Airbnb managing 750,000 listings in just the US.

“Well what about guest reviews,” I hear you say. “Can’t we trust those?” Well…

99% of reviews on Airbnb are 4-stars and above. 94% are 4.5 stars or higher. Hotels have much lower average scores: on TripAdvisor only 26% score above 4.5 stars or higher, as well as a much greater range of scores.

100 years ago, hotels used to be the same. But then Conrad Hilton revolutionized the industry. He delivered reliable quality and created a brand you can trust. And he started right here in Texas.

This is what Airbnb needs today.

I grew up in the hospitality industry, working for my family’s vacation resort. I’ve interacted with over 30,000 travelers. I’ve been an expatriate executive for most of the rest of my career. I’ve lived and worked in nine countries across five continents. I’ve spent years of my life sleeping in hotels and extended stay apartments. Be it for leisure, business or as part of a temporary relocation. Luxury boutique hotels or big branded ones, bed & breakfasts or Airbnbs, campgrounds… I’ve tried them all. I’ve traveled alone, as a couple, in groups. And now as a family with two young stepdaughters.

That’s why I decided to launch Lodgeur. A brand that you can trust. For your next family vacation, business trip, or romantic getaway. For your visit to the Texas Medical Center. We rent stylish and comfortable apartments to travelers. For demanding people who want hotel-like consistency and quality. For one night, or a hundred, our team and I invite you to be our 'lodgeur'.


Sébastien Long, Founder & CEO of Lodgeur Incorporated