Monthly Payment Options for Extended Stays

Bedroom in a Lodgeur furnished apartment in Midtown Houston

Are you looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay for a month or longer? Lodgeur offers serviced apartments with special payment terms designed to provide flexibility and peace of mind for our guests staying 30 nights or more.

Monthly Payments Made Easy

We understand that when you’re planning an extended stay, budgeting and payment flexibility are important. That’s why we offer a convenient monthly payment system for stays of 30 nights or longer. Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial Payment: To confirm your reservation, you will pay for the first 3 nights’ stay. This payment remains fully refundable if you cancel 14 days or more prior to your scheduled check-in time.
  2. First Month’s Payment: The balance of your first month’s payment is due 14 days before your arrival date. If you book less than 14 days before arrival, we collect the entire first month’s payment upfront.
  3. Subsequent Monthly Payments: For each additional month of your stay, we will automatically charge payment to your credit card 14 days before the start of the new month. This ensures a seamless and worry-free payment process throughout your stay.

Flexibility for Your Peace of Mind

We know that plans can change, especially during longer stays. While the first 30 nights of your stay are non-refundable, we offer flexibility should you need to adjust your reservation:

At Lodgeur, we strive to make your extended stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our flexible monthly payment terms and commitment to your satisfaction ensure that you can focus on enjoying your stay without worrying about the details.

No Lease Commitments

Lodgeur does not lease apartments. You book a Lodgeur furnished apartment like you book a hotel. Easy peasy.

Best Prices on Stays of 30+ Nights

Lodgeur’s best prices are on stays of 30+ nights. Here’s how you will save money with our monthly rates:

Check out Lodgeur’s tips for saving money on an extended stay.

Pet-Friendly Rooms 

Lodgeur’s extended stay guests often bring pets. Text us to learn more about the kinds of pets we are able to host and the pet fees we charge. Note that not all properties can accept pets.

Check availability, dates and prices for your Houston extended stay now. Relax in the convenience and comfort of our furnished apartments, paired with the flexibility of our monthly payment options.

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