Should You Buy That Trip Insurance Policy?

You can buy peace of mind for your Lodgeur stay with a trip insurance policy from Generali.

After hosting thousands of guests and surviving a pandemic, Lodgeur heard nearly every reason imaginable for cancelling a trip on short notice. Life and messy and plans change. We’ve started offering trip insurance to help guests prepare for the unexpected.

Here’s what you should know about buying trip insurance:

Why do people need trip insurance?

Lodgeur’s guests have cancelled, interrupted or delayed their short term stay or extended stay for a variety of reasons over the years.

  • Patients traveling to Houston have medical treatment plans changed or delayed.
  • Guests have had to stay home when someone in their party becomes ill or is too injured to travel.
  • Severe weather events in Texas (hurricanes and winter storms) have also impacted guests’ travel plans. Some guests find their trip is extended, while others have their trip interrupted or delayed.

What does trip insurance cover?

Trip insurance policies are available to cover the cost of your Lodgeur booking for covered travelers who need to cancel their trip for a covered reason. This is commonly referred to as trip cancellation, trip delay or trip interruption.

Who is the insurance company offering the insurance policy?

Lodgeur has partnered with Generali, to offer guests the option to purchase trip cancellation coverage for a modest additional cost. Generali is one of America’s largest travel insurance companies known by frequent travelers for its trip and travel insurance plans.

Does trip insurance cover changes in travel plans? Can I cancel for any reason?

Trip insurance policies cover travelers for certain travel costs for all kinds of unforeseen events. Lodgeur’s insurance plan through Generali offers coverage for 20+ trip cancellation reasons. For an up-to-date list of when you can use the insurance benefits, who is eligible to purchase coverage, what the coverage reimburses you for, the coverage limits, and other travel insurance benefits, read more on Generali’s website.

What other insurance benefits are provided in addition to the insured trip cost?

You can learn more about Generali’s additional travel protection benefits for insured travelers, including medical evacuation coverage, interruption benefits and personal effects coverage on Generali’s website. What’s covered and how to file claims are handled by Generali when you purchase travel insurance.

How much does a trip cancellation insurance policy cost?

You can purchase your policy when you book a property with Lodgeur. Your trip insurance cost is a percentage of your total trip cost with Lodgeur (your booking fee). You will see the calculation at checkout alongside your trip details, and have the option to purchase trip insurance for that extra cost.

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