Indulge in Award-Winning Food at the 2024 Houston Rodeo

nachos at Houston Rodeo

When planning your trip to the 2024 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, you’ll likely envision bull riding, carnival rides, live music, and agriculture exhibits. But don’t overlook one of the best parts – the food! The annual Rodeo Gold Buckle Foodie Awards honor the most inventive, decadent, and downright drool-worthy cuisine that the fairgrounds have to offer.

We’re talking pickle pizza on a stick, rattlesnake corn dogs, and the ultimate county fair classic: pie smothered in molten fudge and toasted marshmallow. While we eagerly await the mouthwatering 2024 winners, last year’s creations give us a deliciously tempting preview.

On March 2nd 2023, a panel of judges sampled 18 delightful finalists across 6 categories to crown the rodeo food champions. The competition for Best Fried Food was sizzling, with Deep Fried Cookie Dough from The Original Mineapple Pie claiming 1st place. Southern Fried Salon’s Deep Fried Lasagna Roll and Holmes Smokehouse’s Chicken Tender Basket rounded out the top three.

If you’re craving foods literally “on-a-stick”, Swain’s Pickle Pizza reigned supreme for Best Food-on-a-Stick. And for classic fair indulgences like burgers and fries, Trill Burgers’ OG Trill Burger won Classic Fair Food.

Some of the most excitement came from the Most Creative Food and Best New Flavor categories, which featured clever fusions and global flavors. A Deep Fried BLT, Vietnamese-Cajun Tacos, and an Un-PHO-gettable Burger tied and tangled tastebuds. On the sweet side, the Best Dessert winner, Cajun Cowboy’s Deep Fried Bread Pudding, had fairgoers begging for more.

Check out the mouthwatering full list of 2023 Houston Rodeo food winners and vendors:

Best Fried Food

1st Place: Deep Fried Cookie Dough – The Original Mineapple Pie

2nd Place: Deep Fried Lasagna Roll – Southern Fried Salon

3rd Place: Chicken Tender Basket – Holmes Smokehouse

Best Food-on-a-Stick

1st Place: Pickle Pizza on a Stick – Swain’s Pizza on a Stick

2nd Place: Apple Pie Candy Apple – Munch-oes Bakery

3rd Place: Big K-Dog – Asian Streetness

Classic Fair Food

1st Place: OG Trill Burger – Trill Burgers

2nd Place: Southern Fried Chicken Wings – Southern Fried Salon

3rd Place: Ribeye Sandwich – Spring Country Kitchen

Most Creative Food

1st Place: Deep Fried BLT – Texas Sized Pizza/Burger & Chili Shack

2nd Place Tied: Un-PHO-gettable Burger – Asian Streetness and Rattlesnake Corn Dog – Pioneer Wagon

Best New Flavor

1st Place: Brad’s BBQ Sundae – Saltgrass Steakhouse

2nd Place: Viet Taco – Asian Streetness

3rd Place: Loaded Pork Belly Fries – Blue Ribbon Grill

Best Dessert

1st Place: Deep Fried Bread Pudding – Cajun Cowboy

2nd Place: Smores Pie – Finer Diner

3rd Place: The Ultimate Mineapple Pie – The Original Mineapple Pie

When planning your 2024 Houston Rodeo visit, come with an appetite! Treat your tastebuds to inventive global flavors, classic comfort foods, and crazy creative concoctions as you cast your personal vote for the most delectable dish. One thing’s for certain – flavor takes center stage at the Houston Rodeo!

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