FAQs: Booking Furnished Apartments

Fully-equipped kitchens are standard in all Lodgeur apartments.

Are furnished apartments more expensive?

Furnished apartments are typically more expensive than unfurnished apartments because they are ready to move in and do not require any additional cost for furniture or decor. Furnished apartments also include extra amenities and services in the rent, such internet access, smart TVs, housekeeping, and utilities. The cost of a furnished apartment varies depending on the size, location, and amenities included.

Generally, furnished apartments cost more each month than unfurnished apartments, but they may be more cost-effective if you need a flexible extended stay. Lodgeur’s flexible furnished apartments don’t require a long-term commitment: on extended stays, you can end your stay penalty-free with just 14 days notice.

Do you allow monthly rentals and extended stays?

Yes! Lodgeur offers both short-term and extended stay rentals. You can stay as little as two nights and as long as you want (our longest stay to date was 13 months).

How much does a furnished apartment cost?

Lodgeur’s rates depend on when you’re staying with, how long your stay is, and which unit you choose. Guests who book 27-night stays often find that it’s cheaper to stay for 30 nights (no taxes on stays over 30 nights).

Note that you will incur a one-time cleaning charge on stays under 30 nights, which means that the average cost per night of a 10-night stay is less than a 2-night stay.

What’s included in a furnished apartment?

A Lodgeur furnished apartment includes everything you need for both short and extended stays. The apartment is extensively furnished and tastefully decorated.

  • The bedrooms typically include a king-size bed with a 12-inch memory foam mattress, four pillows, and a full set of linens.
  • In the bathroom, you’ll have two sets of towels per person, toiletries, a hair dryer, and even a flat iron.
  • The kitchen is fully-equipped, with extras that include a blender, slow cooker, rice cooker, toaster, electric kettle, coffee machine, and tri-ply steel cookware. T
  • here’s also a dishwasher, washer, and dryer to make life easier. 
  • And for your entertainment, each living room and bedroom comes equipped with a smart TV to stream your favorite content.
  • There’s also a bluetooth speaker, fast WiFi internet, and desk if you need to work.
  • We even include housekeeping every two weeks on extended stays.

How are you different to an Airbnb?

Airbnb doesn’t have apartments. It’s a booking platform that charges guests a percentage fee to book a short-term stay or an extended stay.

We’re a top-rated short-term rental brand in Houston. We rent our properties out all year. We’re pros, neat and tidy. That means a clutter-free rental. You won’t have to deal with a host’s stuff all over the place. 

You can book a Lodgeur furnished apartment on Airbnb or directly on Lodgeur’s website. See our blog post about saving money on your next booking.

How are you different to a hotel?

Lodgeur’s listings are furnished apartments in Class-A apartment communities, available on flexible terms.

Unlike a hotel, with Lodgeur each unit includes a fully-equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, along with the other amenities you would expect from an apartment over a hotel room.

We do not offer daily cleaning service, room service, or a front desk which helps to reduce the cost of your stay. But we do offer 24/7 self-check-in and support by text, phone, and email.

What about cleaning and cleaning fees?

Check out our FAQs on cleaning for the full scoop on our cleaning fee and why you should not book a property that you have to clean yourself.

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