Joe’s House List: patient housing near Texas Medical Center

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Lodgeur is proud to be included on Joe’s List, curated by the nationally-renowned non-profit organization Joe’s House.

What is Joe’s House?

Joe’s House is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to helping every cancer patient find vetted housing options close to their treatment center.

What is Joe’s List? How does it help patients seeking a place to stay near their medical treatment?

Joe’s List is an online resource that helps cancer patients and their families find lodging close to medical facilities where they are staying for extended cancer treatment. Joe’s House maintains a comprehensive database of quality lodging near cancer facilities around the US.

Which housing providers are added to Joe’s List?

Hotels and furnished apartments near major cancer treatment facilities can be included on Joe’s List. As the world’s largest medical complex, several accommodations in the TMC and central Houston are on Joe’s List.

How are housing providers added to Joe’s List?

A representative of Joe’s House visits properties to confirm that the housing is appropriate for patients and their family members and caregivers. Providers that meet the Joe’s House standards are added to Joe’s List. Patients can search the Joe’s House website for approved housing near their hospitals and treatment centers.

Who uses Joe’s List? Not only cancer patients.

Joe’s House was founded with cancer patients in mind and has a partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, to provide lodging resources for cancer patients visiting Houston from around the country.

However, Houston is home to the Texas Medical Center. Also known as TMC, it’s the world’s largest medical complex with several world class medical institutions.”Lodgeur is Proud to be Included on Joe’s House List: Quality Housing Near Texas Medical Center”.

Joe’s List is frequently used by patients seeking heart treatment at Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center, as well as patients at Texas Children’s Hospital and patients seeking outpatient procedures at Baylor College of Medicine and Houston Methodist Hospital.

Lodgeur’s furnished apartments for TMC patients in Houston

Lodgeur is dedicated to providing a comfortable home away from home for cancer patients and their families who travel to TMC for medical care.

Leave the world of medicine behind

Our stylish, comfortable apartments offer a temporary home that feels like a home. After a long day of cancer treatment and care in the TMC’s many hospitals, patients and family members can leave the institutional setting behind for the night. Each apartment is professionally designed and includes the amenities you need to unwind.

Flexibility for TMC patients

Lodgeur guests can book their stay online, with flexibility to extend their stay as medical treatment plans evolve. Lodgeur’s flexible, furnished apartments let the patient focus on health instead of lodging arrangements.

Two Houston locations for different patient needs

Lodgeur’s locations in the Medical Center and in Midtown offer two different options for patients receiving different types of care.

For a patient with daily appointments in TMC, Lodgeur at Elan Med Center is usually the more convenient choice. Some patients at MD Anderson Cancer Center walk or take a wheelchair across to their appointments in TMC.

For a patient with weekly appointments, Lodgeur at Mid Main Lofts in Midtown has places to eat and drink on the ground floor and across the street from the apartments. Patients can drive, Uber or take the METRORail (station at Mid Main Lofts) to TMC.

Complimentary use of mobility equipment and baby items

wheelchair, walker and shower chair

Lodgeur guests can borrow wheelchairs, walkers, and shower chairs during their stay with us. If traveling with children, you can also borrow a high chair and a pack & play. (These items may be used at no charge, but we do need advance notice to make them available to you.)

Lodgeur & Joe’s House List

Joe’s House List is an invaluable resource for those seeking quality lodging near cancer facilities around the US. Lodgeur is proud to be included on Joe’s List for travel to TMC, whose world-class institutions set the pace of medicine and provide care to millions each year. We strive to make your stay as stress free as possible so the patient can focus on what matters most – getting better!

Book your stay today

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