Authentic Houston: Beyond the Museums and NASA

Houston’s museums, sports and parks are all well known but the fourth largest city in the US has a wealth of other interesting experiences waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking for a unique experience just begging for insta posts, you’ll find it here.

Here are Lodgeur’s favorite uniquely Houston experiences:

PopFancy Dessert Bar

Smoking desserts served over dry ice at Pop Fancy Dessert Bar.
Smoking desserts served over dry ice at Pop Fancy Dessert Bar.

At PopFancy Dessert Bar, Houston’s most aesthetic dessert spot, visitors can find an ever-changing array of creative and delicious treats and cocktails. Every few weeks, the bar celebrates a different fandom with specially crafted desserts that pay homage to each fandom. Find your people and revel in all the gorgeous attention to detail for your favorite fandom.

Past fandom themes included Harry Potter, BTS and 90’s anime. Costumes encouraged for guests of all ages. Tickets to skip the entrance line are available online for $1.

William Price Distilling Company tour

The William Price Distilling Company offers free guided tours each week, where this local business creates craft batches of whiskey, vodka, gin and liquor. (Lodgeur’s favorite is the Honey Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey.) During the tour, visitors will learn about the distillation process and get to try some samples.

Cocktail classes and distillery tours available for online bookings. William Price offers an unparalleled special events calendar – even hosting World Cup watch parties at 4am for key teams.

Astros ballpark tours

Astros - Minute Maid Park
Image courtesy of the Astros.

The Houston Astros (World Series champs and hometown heroes!) offer tours of their ballpark, Minute Maid Park. For ‘Stros fans, nothing comes close to the Astros tour. This Houston experience gives you access to all kinds of behind-the-scenes looks at Minute Maid Park. You’ll get to see all kinds of things that are usually hidden from the public. You might even meet some of the players!

Downtown Tunnels

The tunnels underneath downtown Houston are the reason you won’t see many pedestrians outside. The underground passageways were created as a convenient way for Houstonians to get around downtown without dealing with Houston’s scorching heat and humidity.

With over six miles of subterranean tunnels filled with shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, Houston insiders know to head below ground when it’s time to meet up for lunch. You can access the tunnels from the lobby of most large office buildings downtown. If you’ve already gotten your steps in for the day, we recommend using a tunnels map.

Cisterns Tour

cistern tunnels image
The historic Houston Cisterns offer dramatic backdrops for photos, and frequently schedule special photography tours and live music events.

Houston’s underground cisterns offer a unique tour experience for visitors. The Houston Cisterns are an 85,000-square-foot network of tunnels that form the city’s underground water system. Photos are a must at this known for its ethereal, architectural vibe.

Tours guide you through this fascinating and beautiful subterranean world as you learn more about Houston’s history and culture. $10 entry fee.

Honey Art Cafe

Mural at Honey Art Cafe
Honey Art Cafe offers coffees, teas, juices, art lessons, art supplies and locally-made products.

At Honey Art Cafe, you can eat, drink and enjoy art all at the same time! The aesthetic cafe serves delicious food and drinks, and also has a rotating art exhibit on display. Best known for its simple but beautiful art projects that can be enjoyed in the cafe over a bougie coffee and adorably decorated macaron. This is a great place to visit for adults and children alike.

Texas Art Asylum

Texas Art Asylum is the city’s most unique art and craft supply store, and it oozes character. Brimming with sensory experiences, this shops resells donated art supplies – a mix of new and gently used supplies, like canvases, paint brushes, partial bottles of paint, beads and fabric scraps. They’ve also got lots of great vintage books, the occasional antique, awesome ephemera and doll parts galore. The for-profit social enterprise claims to have diverted 2 million pounds of art supplies from local landfills into the hands of local artists.

First Thursdays Block Party

The first Thursday of (almost) every month, Houston’s Midtown neighborhood comes alive with a block party featuring specials from local restaurants, bars, and businesses. Enjoy live music, great food and drinks, a night market, and an atmosphere full of Houston culture. Check out our post covering First Thursdays for more details on Houston’s monthly block party.


Truck inside of Buc-ees

With slogans like “potty like a rock star”, Buc-ees is not your typical gas station. Buc-ee’s stands out with for its huge size, clean restrooms and sprawling stores. With locations the size of a football field, up to 120 gas pumps, and Texas-sized restrooms with up to 83 toilets, it’s a convenience store like no other. They offer everything from home goods to branded holiday pajamas and swimwear, and their food court serves Texas barbecue, fudge, kolaches, and the beloved Beaver Nuggets. Buc-ee’s is not just a convenience store, it’s a unique Texas travel destination.

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