Unique Artsy Gems in Houston

Houston’s art scene includes so much more than its famous museums (read more about free museum admission here). Connect with your artistic side in these cool Houston destinations that you won’t find on the well-worn lists of tourist attractions.

The Mid Main Gallery in Houston
Houston’s Mid Main Gallery offers an intimate space to explore an evolving collection of local art, featuring both established and emerging artists.

The Mid Main Gallery in Houston, Texas is an intimate place to view the work of an ever-changing array of local artwork from established and emerging local artists.

In conjunction with First Thursday block party organized by Mid Main Lofts, the Mid Main Gallery hosts exhibits where the public can view the art and meet the artist. Learn more about the art, live music, food and shopping at First Thursdays. Midtown also has some fantastic murals to check out.

Texas Art Asylum

Texas Art Asylum
Texas Art Asylum offers room after room of art supplies, collage materials and repurposed supplies.

Looking for something quirky to do? Part thrift store, craft store, antique store, and salvage yard, the Texas Art Asylum is meant to inspire creative reuse! Room after room of art materials, 20th century electronics and vintage materials. Most unmarked items are sold by the pound.

Project Row Houses

Brown Foundation House
Project Row Houses is an art colony and historic preservation project in Houston’s Third Ward, fostering hope and opportunity through holistic urban revitalization.

Project Row Houses (PRH) is part art colony and part historic preservation project in Houston’s Third Ward. Founded by artist and activist Rick Lowe, the non-profit seeks to create an environment of hope and opportunity for residents through its holistic approach to urban revitalization.

Project Row Houses in Houston
PRH features 22 restored 19th-century shotgun-style homes, offering spaces for local artists and affordable housing. Celebrating 30 years, PRH hosts art exhibitions and monthly outdoor markets – explore more in our Lodgeur Guide to Project Row Houses.

The complex is made up of 22 historic shotgun style homes that were built in the late 19th century and have been restored to their original charm. Some houses provide space for local artists to showcase their work, while others provide affordable housing for the local community. Thirty years strong, PRH curates revolving art exhibitions and holds a monthly outdoor market. Learn more in our Lodgeur Guide to Project Row Houses.

packed cookies in a basket
Don’t miss Crumbville, TX at PRH, where you’ll be greeted warmly by owner Ella Russell, whose bakery made Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S. 2023.

A highlight of any visit to PRH includes a quick stop at Crumbville, TX – a bakery offering cookies and cookie-stuffed cupcakes. Expect a warm welcome from owner & baker, Ella Russell, whose cozy bakery earned a spot on Yelp’s list forTop 100 Places to Eat in the U.S. 2023. (Lodgeur recommends the Mayniac Munch red velvet cookies with chunks of chocolate chip pecan cookie dough and Oreos.)

Box13 ArtSpace

With three large interior spaces and a window gallery, the artist-run nonprofit BOX 13 ArtSpace has plenty of room for exhibiting innovative contemporary works that wouldn’t be shown in a commercial gallery. BOX 13 is open from 1 to 5 pm on Saturdays during exhibitions.

Foelber Pottery

Foelber Pottery
Results of the beginner’s pottery class at Foelber.

Foelber Pottery in Houston is a family-owned business that specializes in handmade pottery and ceramics. Founded by master craftsman, John Foelber, the company has been producing beautiful pieces of art since 1979. Foelber Pottery also offers pottery classes for beginner and advanced potters.

This isn’t a pottery painting studio, but a real ceramics studio where you can learn to throw pots and have them fired in the on-site kiln. You’re welcome to BYOB during the classes.

Honey Art Cafe

Mural in Honey Art Cafe
Striking murals in Honey Art Cafe lend a creative vibe for your own artistic projects.

Honey Art Cafe offers public and private art classes, in a cozy cafe. The class calendar can be found here and covers workshops like urban sketching, hand lettering, bullet journaling, anime (drawing and watercolor), drawing 101 and watercolor 101. If the class schedule doesn’t work for you, buy a DIY art kit and settle in with a boba tea and an art project.

Smither Park

Smither Park features mosaic-covered sculptures created by a community of over 300 artists. Tons of materials were upcycled for the sculptures. The park was developed by builder-artist  Dan Phillips and art patron Stephanie Smither, to honor Stephanie’s late husband, John H. Smither. The park has free street parking, a large covered pavilion for group events, and an auditorium shaped like an anglerfish.

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