Lodgeur Guide: Cool Shops in Midtown Houston

Explore Midtown, Houston’s diverse and independent shops, nestled in the vibrant neighborhood near the Museum District. Dive into our blog post to uncover the artistic and retail blend, highlighting must-visit spots, including Flora Culture— a go-to spot for plant enthusiasts!

Welcome to our blog post highlighting the diverse and independent shops in Midtown, Houston. Situated in the vibrant Midtown neighborhood, this area is known for its cultural offerings, adjacent to the renowned Museum District. Beyond its artistic allure, Midtown also presents a variety of shopping experiences. Join us as we delve into the must-visit shops in Midtown, exploring the perfect blend of art, culture, and retail therapy this neighborhood has to offer.

The Flora Culture

Discover a variety of pet-friendly, beginner, and high-maintenance plants at Flora Culture.

The Flora Culture is a haven for plant enthusiasts and green thumbs alike! The shop features a wide range of pet-safe and beginner-friendly plants as well as larger houseplants that require a little extra TLC. Whether you’re looking to expand your indoor jungle or find a thoughtful gift for a fellow plant lover, Flora Culture Shop is your go-to destination in Midtown Houston.

Ollie Shop

Ollie Shop is the freshest addition to Midtown Houston’s local scene, offering a carefully curated fashion collection for men and women that blends contemporary style with timeless elegance.

Situated between All the Feels and The Flora Culture, Ollie Shop is one of the newest local shops on the block in Midtown Houston! This boutique showcases an expertly curated clothing collection that effortlessly combines modern trends with timeless elegance for both men and women.

All the Feels

Discover handmade treasures, cute trinkets, local artwork, and ever-evolving delights at All the Feels in Midtown Houston.

If you’re on the hunt for a special gift or simply want to indulge yourself, a visit to All the Feels is a must! This aesthetically pleasing shop has a delightful selection of handmade treasures, including adorable trinkets, stationery, household goods, local artwork and pottery. And with their ever-evolving inventory, there’s always something new to check out at All the Feels.

Sig’s Lagoon

Sig’s Lagoon, a historic hole-in-the-wall record store, is inspired by Sig Byrd’s writings on Houston culture.

Tiny hole-in-the-wall record store, Sig’s Lagoon relishes in the fact that it’s been around for nearly ever. From their website: The store’s namesake is inspired by the book “Sig Byrd’s Houston.” Sig Byrd wrote for the Houston Press and the Houston Chronicle in the late 50’s & 60’s. Much of his writings focused on the culture of the Fifth Ward & Downtown Houston – at the time aka Catfish Reef. “Lagoon” was a term used by the beatniks of the time period. It is synonymous to “cool.”

My Flaming Heart

Discover vintage western wear, cowboy boots, and handmade jewelry by local artists at My Flaming Heart in Midtown Houston.

If you’re looking for a unique souvenir or want to shop local, head to this boutique. My Flaming Heart sells clothes for men and women including vintage western wear and cowboy boots. Several local artists create one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry pieces and accessories for the boutique as well.

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