Lodgeur Guide: Things to Do with Kids in Houston

kids getting prepped up for Rodeo show

Houston is a playground of unique and imaginative experiences perfect for families looking for an outing beyond the usual park or museum visit. From interactive workshops to sweet treats inspired by popular culture, the city is a treasure trove of activities that promise not only fun but also an opportunity to learn something new. Here’s a more in-depth look at some of Houston’s most intriguing spots for a family day out, filled with creativity, adventure, and plenty of laughs.

Creative Outlets

SlooMoo Institute

Dive into the squishy, stretchy world of slime at SlooMoo Institute, where kids (and adults!) can customize their slime creations. This immersive experience allows for a blend of science and art, teaching about textures, colors, and scents in a hands-on environment that’s as educational as it is entertaining. Learn more about this unique sensory adventure here.

MATCH Theater Playdates and Turbo Camps

The MATCH Theater isn’t just about catching a play; it’s an interactive hub for the arts, offering playdates and one-day Turbo Camps that engage children in the performing arts. These camps provide a deep dive into theater, from acting to stage design, encouraging kids to express themselves creatively while learning about the magic of live performances. Find out more about their children’s programming and Turbo Camps here.

Texas Art Asylum

Texas Art Asylum
Texas Art Asylum offers room after room of art supplies, collage materials and repurposed supplies.

A true haven for creativity, the Texas Art Asylum is stocked with materials for art projects, most of which have been donated to keep them out of landfills. Here, families can explore their artistic side, purchasing materials by the pound and diving into craft projects in an eco-friendly way. It’s a place that not only fosters creativity but also teaches the importance of recycling and reusing. More about their eco-conscious art supplies can be found here.

The Library of Things

Beyond books, the Houston Public Library’s Library of Things is a fantastic resource for families looking to explore new hobbies or enjoy a game night. With items like ukuleles, telescopes, and board games available for borrowing, it’s a wonderful way to try out new activities without the expense. Discover the variety of items you can check out here.

Immersive Experiences

Spy Missions at the Children’s Museum

The SECRET Spy Game at Houston’s Children’s Museum challenges kids to complete six missions as undercover agents. Using special gadgets, they solve puzzles and decode clues across the museum. The game takes about an hour and is suitable for ages 8+. After finishing the initial missions, players can unlock three more as “Elite Agents.”

El Gato Cat Cafe

El Gato Cat Cafe offers a hands-on experience for families who love animals. Buy a ticket to spend an hour in the company of adoptable cats while enjoying beverages and food from their menu. Coffee, tea, cinnamon rolls, empanadas and cat treats are on the menu. Kids need to be 5 years old. The experience is not “BYO-cat”; all cats are provided by the cafe.

For kids 12 or older, consider joining the “Yoga with Cats” session for $30, where you can enjoy a restorative all-levels yoga class alongside playful felines. There is also a 90-minutes “Painting with Cats” class.

Special Parks

Levy Park: Beyond the Playground

Levy Park in Houston, with a playground, dog park, splash area and food trucks

Forget ordinary swings and slides! Levy Park has interactive features like splash pads, tunnels, and group slides, making it an ideal location for a family outing that’s both active and unique. It’s a community hub where children can play and explore in a designed landscape that encourages imaginative play. There are food trucks and a couple of restaurants on site. Plan your visit here.

Smither Park: Upcycled Marvel

Calling all junior explorers! Smither Park isn’t just a park; it’s a an art exhibit that you can touch. The city’s largest donors sponsored art installations that double as a pavilion, theater, picnic tables, and swings.

See our blog post on Houston’s best parks.

Spring Events

Mutton Bustin’ at the Houston Rodeo

A highlight for kids at the Houston Rodeo, mutton bustin’ allows young ones to experience the thrill of rodeo by riding sheep. It’s a fun, safe way for children to get a taste of rodeo culture, complete with cheers and laughter. Get the details on this exciting rite of passage for Houston kids on our Rodeo blog post.

Houston Art Car Parade

An annual event that celebrates creativity on wheels, the Houston Art Car Parade features vehicles transformed into breathtaking pieces of art. It’s an unforgettable sight that showcases the city’s artistic spirit and community, perfect for families looking to experience something truly out of the ordinary. Check out Lodgeur’s Art Car Parade Guide.

Pro Tip: If your kids are into DIY, they can enter the Art Bike Parade in the spring.

Houston Art Bike

Sweet Treats

Honey Art Cafe

watercolor paints at Honey Art Cafe

This cozy cafe is a sanctuary for creativity, offering not just artisanal drinks and treats but also a space for art and play. Children can engage in various art activities, from drawing on chalkboard walls to crafting with playdough, in a welcoming environment that encourages artistic expression. Check out their menu and art activities here.

PopFancy Dessert Bar

PopFancy pirate ship themed ice cream sundae

Not your average dessert spot, PopFancy specializes in desserts that are as imaginative as they are delicious, often inspired by popular culture and fandoms. From anime to superheroes, each theme transforms the space and menu into a vibrant celebration of pop culture, offering a tasty and visually exciting experience for fans of all ages. Discover their latest pop culture-inspired theme here.

Houston offers loads of unique activities for families, providing opportunities to explore creativity, culture, and the great outdoors in ways that are anything but ordinary. If you’re looking to explore diverse, family friendly places to eat, check out our blog post on Energy Corridor restaurants.

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