Why Travel Nurses Book Flexible Housing

travel nurse at a desk in a furnished apartment
Flexible, furnished apartments help travel nurses enjoy their TMC travel assignments.

The search for travel nurse housing

Finding furnished housing for travel nurses no longer needs to be an overwhelming task. With the vast range of rental listing websites and endless sublets, it can easily become time-consuming – however there is now help in navigating through this process; leaving you with just what you need for your upcoming assignment: A comfortably furnished place that fits both conveniently into budget, and meets all requirements.

Using your travel nurse housing stipend

Choosing nurse housing for your travel assignment can seem daunting, but with the increasing popularity of taking a stipend and finding accommodation independently it’s becoming simpler. Not only do you have more control over where to stay to ensure an enjoyable experience during your contract period, but any remaining tax-free money is yours alone – giving further financial incentive to search online and sift through pages of search results. With all this in mind, securing quality fully-furnished housing need not be difficult if you know what resources are available – making sure that each new position or relocation opportunity has income potential as well as career advancement opportunities!

Finding flexible, furnished travel nurse apartments

Searching for an extended stay, flexible furnished solution has never been easier. With Lodgeur, many travel nurses enjoy amenities and services from the comfort of their own home with an adjustable budget option to fit any lifestyle needs. Every property is available on a 30+ day basis so there’s no need to worry about long leases or scouring other websites in search of what you need – Everything is right here!

How much does a TMC furnished apartment for travel nurses cost?

In 2023, travel nurses should expect to pay $2,250 to $3,500 per month for the all-in cost of a furnished apartment in TMC or Midtown Houston. There should be no extra fees, unless the traveler is bringing a pet.

Why does a furnished apartment for travel nurses cost more than a standard apartment?

Travel nurses typically book an apartment that is turnkey – with furniture, utilities and internet included. They also look for apartments with flexible terms, so they can extend their stay if their contract is extended. When the host keeps the apartment available for extensions, the cost is a bit higher than when the host can book the apartment in advance for the next guest.

If your contract is terminated, you also have the ability to terminate an extended stay on 14 days’ notice. To make things easier, Lodgeur offers monthly payment options for stays over 30 nights. Place a deposit now and pay for your first month 14 days before checkin. (You will see the details on the booking page.)

Benefits of Lodgeur’s Rentals for Travel Nurses

Extended stay

Easy Peasy

Lodgeur makes apartment selection and booking easy for your travel nurse assignment – no emails, housing request forms, roommate interviews, or any other hassles. With one simple click you can find the perfect place to stay! You can even view floor plans and virtual tours of our listings before you book travel nursing housing.

No landlord

Enjoy hassle-free living with no landlord hassles. Our service makes it easy for travelers to settle in—we take care of the rest!

All-inclusive price

Travel healthcare professionals enjoy the ease and convenience of having all their utilities and WiFi ready for they as soon as they arrive at their apartments. We even include cleaning services every two weeks on stays of 30+ nights. With our inclusive price on longer stays, you won’t have to pay any hidden fees.

No lease commitments

Forget about ever having to sign a lease. Our properties are available month-to-month. Stay as long as your travel nurse contract calls for—down to the day.

Avoid booking fees

When you book a furnished property directly on Lodgeur’s website, you can skip the booking fees charged on other platforms (saving up to 14%). Read more about how to save money on your next extended stay.

Move-in today—or any day

Enjoy the ease of our month-to-month booking option. Make your home away from home fit perfectly to any travel nursing contract, whether it’s for a few weeks or several months!

woman with boxes
Move in today with your suitcase. Skip the packing boxes.

Move out or extend your stay

With the ease and convenience of online management, you have full control over your accommodation. Whether it’s time to move on or stay a bit longer—accommodation adjustments are just one click away! Got an extended travel nurse contract? No worries — instantly extend your residence with absolute flexibility.

Benefits of Flexible Housing for Travel Nurses?

Being a travel nurse can be incredibly rewarding; however, long-term leases do not always fit the lifestyle. Luckily, there are extended stay arrangements that provide great flexibility! Month-to-month accommodation offers some fantastic advantages such as no added fees for terminating your booking when your next travel nurse assignment arrives.

Flexible Bookings

For traveling nurses and other traveling healthcare professionals, Lodgeur is the perfect solution to find housing quickly that you’re glad to come home to each day. With no long-term leases and dozens of listings for furnished apartments in two locations available near the Texas Medical Center, you’ll have maximum freedom & flexibility – especially important if you’re a healthcare worker on contract!

Benefits of Flexible Housing
Travel nurses can book their next furnished apartment instantly on Lodgeur’s website.

Save Money on Utilities and Moving Costs

Move-in costs for a lease agreement can be expensive, but there is an easier way! Month-to-month bookings with furnished housing allow more flexibility – all you need to do is pay your first month’s rent when you book, authorize a credit card hold, and complete the background check. Once that’s taken care of, utilities are already set up along with WiFi access so you just have to show up with your suitcase in hand and start enjoying the benefits of working as a travel nurse.

Save Money on Rent

With Lodgeur, money-saving short-term housing options await. All of the properties are fully furnished with beds, dressers and other essentials you need to live comfortably on your travel nurse contract – no extra costs needed! And even better? Utilities and WiFi come included in the reservation so there’s one less expense for you to worry about each month. Stretch your agency housing stipend as far as you can.

Try before you buy

Unlike corporate housing or short-term rentals, Lodgeur doesn’t require guests to have an end date for their booking. Booking a property for even just a few nights can be the perfect way to get acquainted with your new neighborhood and make sure it’s right for you. Take advantage of this stay by gaining an in-depth understanding of what the location has to offer, such as proximity to your travel nursing assignment. Depending on how much you love the location during those initial days, consider extending or booking an extended stay!

Travel nurses need flexibility

With Lodgeur, guests are free to choose the length of stay that fits their lifestyle. Say goodbye to short-term bookings and take full control with our flexible term properties. Choose from one month or longer housing arrangements tailored exclusively when and how long you want – living on your terms has never been easier!

Book a home now for your TMC travel nurse assignment

travel nurse coming home to a furnished apartment
Travel nurses book Lodgeur for flexible, furnished apartments near the Texas Medical Center.

Lodgeur is the perfect place for nurses looking for travel nurse housing. Our platform eliminates long hours of searching different sites and apps by providing you with tailored accommodation that meets your preferences, budget and includes furniture, utilities, in-unit washers and dryers – plus pools and gym amenities!

Easily find a furnished apartment near Houston’s major hospitals on our website; reserve it on-the-spot so you can move in right away – no need to worry about any hidden costs involved. Plus if it’s everything you hope for? Extend your stay just as easily then continue enjoying all Lodgeur has to offer healthcare workers seeking comfortable accommodations during their assignment travels.

How can travelers stay safe while on assignment?

Click here to learn more about traveler safety, and the security measures that travel nurses and other healthcare travel professionals should look for when they rent their next travel nurse housing.

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